FAST SHIPPING & BEST QUALITY! We don't send products in countries where products are prohibited.

Payment and delivery

Please note we don't sell any pharmaceutical products or drugs, we don't ship and we don't sell any ban products or controlled products. If a banned product is shown on the site that is only for the purpose to increase SEO keywords and you can not buy it. Please if you have a question ask our manager.



What payment methods are available?

- We are interested in the fact that you feel comfortable with us. This, for you to provide several methods of payment:

 Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Bank Transfer -  unfortunately, the options do not accept.

Bitcoin only!  Please find a way to pay via bitcoin it's easy to do with different services, bitcoin ATM, or exchange PayPal to bitcoin.

Bitcoin (One of the most waited for payment methods is now available here. As bitcoin is often changeable, you will have to pay appropriate fees)

For information about payment please contact our manager.

How quickly process my payment?

Immediately and order will be sent on the same day.


For U.S. clients inner delivery time of 2-3 days for some only legal products.  7-8 days in Europe from China. The reasons for the delay may serve as national holidays or bad weather conditions.


With us securely! - re-shipment guarantees in the case of low-quality products or some delivery issues. We commit ourselves to sending you 100% quality products at our own expense. If any of your dissatisfaction related to the product quality is guaranteed, we will correct the situation.