Get FREE SAMPLES right now! You only pay for the safe delivery exactly 120 usd!

New customer

Try any of our products with no obligation to buy

It’s not always possible to be sure you know what you want. Everyone has tried a product that maybe a good product but one that’s not necessarily good for them. That’s why RC Chemical Co. Ltd. Offers new customers samples at no charge and with no obligation.

All you pay for is the delivery charge for your sample. You will get a five-gram sample of whatever product you choose.

Your account information is always kept confidential

RC Chemical Co. Ltd. Will not share your information or sell it to anyone. Your information is always kept confidential for your safety and your piece of mind.

Please allow me to explain some aspects of business.

In the early days of our commercial activities, we offer samples. Practice has shown, that people ordering samples are not always sure of what they want. Approximately 40% of the samples sent to us free of charge were not accepted by customers. Customers simply did not take their parcels. In this regard, we have suffered losses and wasted time.

About the samples for the test!

We do not require payment for the sample. You only pay for its delivery, for the safe delivery of intermediary companies. Exactly 120 usd. At the same time you get the volume of the sample weight of 5 grams, of any of the products.

For example! You want to get a sample to test Methylone crystal.

1. To do this, send a request to any of our managers.
2. Provide a shipping address.
3. Manager will provide information for payment.
4. Make payment. Cost 5 grams of crystal Methylone 120 USD (or some products). And your order has shipped!
5. Manager will provide you the tracking number. If you still have any questions then please contact our sales manager!