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  • Purchase PV8 (Crystal) for sale

Purchase PV8 (Crystal) for sale

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Formula C17H26ClNO
CAS number of substance 147741-57-4
Molar mass of the substance 259.39 g/mol
Purity of the preparation More 99%
Full chemical name 1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one
Other names PV8 (Crystal), 1-PV8

Purchase PV8 for sale

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 Crystals that are of pure, pharmaceutical grade with zero impurities, you need a top-quality supplier. A supplier can only guarantee top quality when they have educated scientists on staff, a full-service research and development lab and the best production means available at all times. The good news is, RC Chemical Co. Ltd. has all three.

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RC Chemical Co. Ltd. Owns its own modern pharmaceutical factory that has been in operation since 2012 as well as a research lab where some of the world’s brightest scientists are at work round the clock. We produce the highest-quality pharmaceutical research chemicals in the world. That’s why we’re the leader in designer drugs, and why you should buy PV8 Crystals from us.

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RC Chemical Co. Ltd maintains total confidentiality with your information. No selling or sharing or your information ever takes place. You can buy PV8 from RC Chemical Co. Ltd. in total confidence.

RC Chemical Co. Ltd guarantees delivery

RC Chemical Co. Ltd guarantees the delivery of every order. If your order gets lost, we will re-deliver and you won’t be charged. If it takes too long and doesn’t reach you in a reasonable amount of time, you won’t be charged for shipping. We will specify the expected shipping time. When you buy PV8 Crystals from us, we ship your orderas soon as it is paid for.

We have established strong relationships with customs officials and shipping agencies to ensure that delivery is efficient without any hitch. You can buy PV8 Crystals from RC Chemical Co. Ltd with total confidence.

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