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Formula C8H13NT
CAS number of substance 801156-47-7
Molar mass of the substance 314,2 g/mol
Purity of the preparation More 99%
Full chemical name 3-Methylethcathinone
Other names 3-MMC

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3-MMC is a potential major impurity when preparing 4-MMC and due to the nature of 4-MMC, 3-MMC itself has many psychoactive properties and is entirely legal. Our 3-MMC is only the most pure stuff we can get and if you’re looking to buy 3-MMC today there are several things you should be prepared for. With a smaller dose you’ll start feeling a bit lightheaded, but then you’ll become very alert and focused. If you take too much it’s said you’ll start feeling a bit jittery but it’s accompanied with a nice feeling of euphoria and unlike most designer drugs it’s not exactly easy to take too much. Just take it slowly and over time you’ll experience the effects of this cathinone.

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Though this is overall a mild cathinone you can take small doses every hour or so and increase the effects. If you’re looking a great amount of clarity and a strong sense of euphoria then you may want to buy 3-MMC.Though most often this is taken orally, there have been people who have tried injecting it as well. It is also commonly mixed with other sorts of drugs to create new experiences, but do this at your own caution as not all substances will mix well, do research on the subject if you’re looking for a new way to have fun. Many refer to the feelings you get to be similar to that of MDMA, or other more popular stimulants like cocaine, but without the intense addiction and with a lot less potential harm on your body.

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