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Buy 25C-NBOMe

Buy 25C-NBOMe

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  • Formula: C18H22BrNO3
  • CAS number of substance: 1227608-02-7
  • Molar mass of the substance: 335.83 g/mol
  • Purity of the preparation: More 99%
  • Full chemical name: 2-(4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine
  • Other names: NBOMe-2C-C, 25C-NBOMe, Cimbi-82

Information about 25C-NBOMe

We bought 25C-NBOMe is a crystalline powder with outstanding psychedelic properties. Belonging to the family 2C, the 25C-NBOMe is a potent psychedelic that canfrequentlybe mixed up with LSD but it has no resemblance of any kind to LSD chemically. The use of 25C-NBOMe produces potentoptical and auditoryeffects and grants anecstatic and euphoricsensation to the user. The experiences associated with 25C-NBOMe are very pleasant and the duration of these effects can last anywhere between six to ten hours. Upon consumption of 25C-NBOMe the user will feel elated, ecstatic, euphoric and experience beautiful and attractive visual effects.

Buying from us 25C-NBOMe you get the effect

25C-NBOMe createsvery potent sensations of exhilaration that may last for up to 10 hours. Buy 25C-NBOMe and will be happy. The effects of this powder manifest themselves in both sight and sound form, and beautiful colour perception changes in your sight will be accompanied by changed auditory perception which results in a change in the way music sounds to you. The 25C-NBOMe is potent even in small doses and just a few hundred micrograms of 25C-NBOMe is more than enough to produce this result. Some prominent effects of the 25C-NBOMe include:

  • Gorgeousoptical effects

  • Altered colour perception

  • Elevation in mood

  • Mental and physical stimulation

  • Enhancement in associative and creative thinking

  • Altered perception of music

  • Produces feelings of affection and compassion

The 25C-NBOMe takes effect very quickly and the user starts to experience these effects in a very short time. The sensations that 25C-NBOMe produces vary slightly, but the user will undergo stages where they experience colour spectrums like a kaleidoscope. The effects of 25C-NBOMe become even more pleasing when coupled with music. The human body develops tolerance for some time towards 25C-NBOMe once you consume it and this tolerance can last for 2 weeks usually.

Completely legal powder

Buy 25C-NBOMe is completely legal. You can carry it around with you, and indulge in its consumption, or even distribute it to your friends. The powder is legal in all countries and can safely be bought online without violating any national or international laws. You can place the order for the 25C-NBOMe right from our website and it will be delivered to your home within the stipulated period.

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