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R&D center

RC Chemical Co., Ltd R&D center, is situated in the Waigaoqiao free trade zone, spread over a total area of 310 m2, is supported and managed in its entirety by Ph.Ds, who are exceptional individuals in their own rights and ensure you a stupendous and enriching experience in pharmaceutical.

Work Ethics
RC Chemicals Co. always put the needs of their client first and focus on self-improvement of both personnel and product through continually rising standards for self-achievement. We strive for excellence and always do our best to promote innovation. RC Chemical Co. is always working on taking its technology to the next level and this reflects in our growth and reputation.

Our core beliefs are:

  • At RC Chemicals, the client is always our first priority
  • Self-improvement is never ending and always should be pursued
  • Never stop the quest for excellence
  • Improve and advance through innovation

Products and Services

1. Personalized synthesis

We offer our clients our expertise in synthesizing scaffold building blocks and creating target compounds that are commonly used in pharmaceutical enterprises, and in research organizations. We excel at meeting the strict deadlines that most industrial chemical synthesis projects come with, and you can count on us to always deliver you the finished product on time. You can also be certain that any synthesized compound which RC Chemicals provides you will be of the highest quality and purity.
All clients are intimated about the progress on their tasks on a regular basis, and detailed progress reports are created and delivered at the end of every week. All feedbacks received on these reports are promptly incorporated into our process.

2. Process Development

The optimization of a synthesis process to further improve its speed while bringing down its cost is something that RC Chemicals excels at. Our excellent research and development team can streamline a synthesis process for you and optimize it for the largest or the smallest scale, from mg to mt, we can help.

3. Important pharmaceutical Building blocks

RC Chemicals specializes in the synthesis and mass scale manufacture of compounds like chemicals belonging to the biphenyl series, boric acid series, and four-membered ring series. You can find the complete collection of pharmaceutical building block compounds we synthesize in our catalogue.

4. Synthesis of Intermediates and APIs for Preclinical Studies

RC Chemicals can also help you procure intermediates and APIs which are used in contemporary pharmaceutical and biochemical corporations. We do so in a timely and cost effective manner while ensuring that you always get premium quality products.

5. Other correlated contractual R&D services