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  • Formula: C18H26N4O2
  • CAS number of substance: 1445752-09-9
  • Molar mass of the substance: 330.21 g/mol
  • Purity of the preparation: More 99%
  • Full chemical name: N-[(1S)-1-(aminocarbonyl)-2-methylpropyl]-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide

AB-PINACA is the latest synthetic drug that can serve as a legal and highly effective alternative to cannabis. While the production, and sale of cannabis may be illegal in most countries, AB-PINACA faces no such issues. It is completely legal to buy and use AB-PINACA, and you will be certain to find the effects of this drug very enjoyable. AB-PINACA is highly potent and even a few milligrams of the powder are enough to give you a substantial hit. The onset of this designer drug is quick and you can experience the effects of AB-PINACA within minutes of imbibing it.

Buying from us AB-PINACA you get the effect

AB-PINACA is a cannabinoid, which means that it provides most of the effects that cannabis does, minus any of the side effects that are associated with cannabis. It is potent, has a fast onset time and its peak effects are over within an hour. There are no panic attacks or unpleasant effects associated with AB-PINACA, and when taken in controlled amounts, the powder is completely safe for human consumption.

Legal and high quality AB-PINACA

RC Chemicals works with some of the best researchers and chemical experts in the country, and our speciality is synthesising highly pure compounds in our state of the art facilities. AB-PINACA is a synthetic replacement of cannabis that was discovered in 2012 and is a completely legal way of experiencing the same effects that you would experience from cannabis without getting involved in any kind of legal issues. AB-PINACA is sold legal in every country and when you get this amazing powder from RC Chemicals, you can be certain that you will buy a high quality product.

About RC Chemicals

RC Chemical specialises in synthesising high purity chemicals and complex compounds. Bought by AB-PINACA powders that are manufactured at our facilities have a purity greater than 99% and are guaranteed to provide you a pleasant experience. We provide shipping all over the world, and you can order a huge range of legal powders from our website without ever facing any issues with the quality of the product delivered or the time taken in the delivery. We are a quality establishment that always makes sure that our clients are satisfied, and you will always get the very best legal powders from RC Chemicals. We specialise in synthesising designer drugs which are legal to use, and our worldwide shipping services ensure that you get access to high quality designer drugs at highly competitive prices.

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