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  • Formula: C20H21FN4O2
  • CAS number of substance: 1185282-01-2
  • Molar mass of the substance: 368.16 g/mol
  • Purity of the preparation: More 99%
  • Full chemical name: N-((3s,5s,7s)-adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
  • Other names: AB-FUBINACA

One of the latest discoveries of recent times, the AB-FUBINACA is a chemical compound that can serve as a replacement for natural cannabis. Unlike cannabis, which is illegal in most countries, buy AB-FUBINACA is legal to own and use and as a synthetic designer drug that is highly potent, it has become very popular among people who prefer to use designer drugs since they do not have the same harmful effects that normal drugs do. Classified as a cannabinoid, AB-FUBINACA was first discovered in 2012, along with Ab-Pinaca, by Japanese research scientists. You can get access to this designer drug with RC Chemicals who will ensure that you get a high quality product delivered right to your doorsteps.

Buying from us AB-FUBINACA you get the effect

Since AB-FUBINACA belongs to the cannabinoid family of chemical compounds, it displays the same effects that are expected of cannabis, but due to high purity of the compound, its effects are greatly compounded. Such high purity warrants that the user only take the drug in very small doses. Typical dosage of AB-FUBINACA ranges in milligrams and a piece of 20 milligrams AB-FUBINACA will provide an intense visual and auditory sensation.

Legal and high quality AB-FUBINACA

The AB-FUBINACA designer drug is legal and you can buy this powder straight from the internet. RC Chemicals is established in China, where our state of the art synthesis facility is located. We are capable of synthesising any chemical compound and our experts have designed a way to obtain AB-FUBINACA that has a purity level of almost a hundred percent. You can easily procure AB-FUBINACA powder from our website and the product which we will send you will be guaranteed to have a purity level of more than 99%. RC Chemicals provides worldwide shipping for our products and you can order AB-FUBINACA and a wide range of other designer drugs from our website for the lowest prices.

About RC Chemicals

RC Chemicals is a world class manufacturer of designer drugs and a market leader when it comes to high quality legal powders like the AB-FUBINACA. We always make sure that you get a reliable service and every order placed with us is successfully completed or you are guaranteed a full refund of your payment. We personally make sure that every time you use our services, you are assured of a pleasant experience. We are the leaders in designing, synthesising and distributing legal designer drugs, and you can place an order online to get prompt delivery of AB-FUBINACA.

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